Production equipment and Detecting instrument

Our laser instrument aluminum alloy casing and spare part processing factory has CNC milling machine 5 units, CNC computer lathe 8 units, Swiss-type and Turret-type automatic lathe 12 units, that main engaged in mold making, aluminum alloy component parts milling and turning, semi-finished goods fabricate.

             Lathes machine                   milling machine                           CNC milling machine         Japan STAR Automatic multi-shaft

                                                                                                                                                  computerized Lathes  

We have including laser level image instrument, Theologist, USA Sheffield Discovery II , High-accuracy test instrument equipment and tools in our laboratories, which are able to inspect laser precision, temperature, sizes, electronic functions, product structure and the related environmental effects, to insure the parts and the finished products are at its best quality.

            Laser  level image Tester                                           Theologist Tester                                Thermal Shock Tester

                      High DPI  Projector                                                        Sheffield Discovery II                          Hardness tester
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