Laser level 4H

360° high- definition green light, and a mark, electronics auto-leveling. Can easily complete every kind of level line wiring, and extensively apply to indoor and outside carpentry, mire make, install pipeline, tiles, paint, decorate partition, water and electricity, install doors and windows.

1. 360 ° level green laser, high-brightness, non-tremble.

2. The aerospace-class and high-strength aluminum alloy outer-shell, module component, can be maintain easily

    and have the guarantee.

3. Dust and water proof IP-54.

4. Save electricity and energy design.

5. The precision of revolving is good, and promote construction quality and efficiency.

1. Laser Function4H Horizontal Lines with one down point

2. Laser SourceGreen Laser 532nm for Horizon (Class)

3. Total Accuracy:±1mm / 10M

4. Operating RangRadius 100M with Laser detector

5. Auto-Leveling rang:±4°

6. Auto-Leveling systemElectronic servo-Motor Sensor

7. Dimensions223mm(H)×125mm(D)×140mm(W)

8. Dust Water poofIP-54

9. Power SourceAA Size ×4Pcs Ni-MH Rechargeable battery

10. Battery life4hours for all line operating mode

11. Operating temperature0~45


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