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 About Quanyi

Originate 360 ° whole green Laser level instruments

Quanyi Instruments was established in 2006 and is the first professional factory owns the technology to design, develop and manufacture an electronics 360 ° green laser measure instrument, the products line contain the total line laser station, rotation laser level, and the transit, laser range finder, and various accessories.

Quanyi Instruments gathers a group of elite team that own more than ten years technology contain optics, machinery, electron and measurement etc. In the beginning of establishment, we set our heart on becoming the best specialist in the domain of laser measure instrument, and becoming the first-class optical measure instrument design company by controlling distinctive and innovative core technology.

Decisive technology patent in the world

Explicit fixed position let us take the lead of domestic and international same trade, and successfully develop the one and only 360 ° green laser level, the machine is manufactured by high- strength aerospace-class aluminum alloy material, have advantage including 360 °green laser, the

clear lines, non-tremble, sensor automatic leveling, the dust & water proof , can make indoor and outside decoration, construct, the civil engineering faster, and promote efficiency and construction quality.

Quanyi has already obtained the patent of Japan, Germany, Taiwan, and is also striving for apply the patent of America, Korea and other Europe countries.

Taiwan beltline and high- dependable quality assurance

The process of Quanyi laser measures instrument series product including design, mold opening, processing, assemble, test, pack and maintain service all process accomplish in the factory in Taiwan.Besides superior independent-development technology and engineering team, own the equipment of metalwork including advanced and perfect CNC computer lather, CNC milling, Swiss-type & Turret-type CNC lathes, match three-dimensional measure instrument, the Laser level image instrument …etc. precise and high-level adjustment instrument, let Quanyi product can have both high-quality and credibility, and consumers also have more guarantee, these are the advantage that other business are difficult to pursue.

Be absorbed in development, getting into the global market by our high- competition product is our strong point. After the 360 ° level green laser technology, Quanyi team has already research and develop toward 4V4H vertical and horizontal green laser, and develop in the field of laser measure instrument, Trust me, We can make it.


Originality technology:

Quanyi QY688 Laser level, with global ingenious 360 ° green laser for horizon design, owns more decisive patents than competitors, and the product is high value added. Modular components make the production efficiency and maintenance easier and faster, and the consumers have more guarantee.

Creative thoughts:

Considering from the aspect of user’s requirement to develop the new product, it only need to be positioned to have long-distance 360 ° green laser with high resolution. There’s no need to displace, topple over or turn 90 ° during the construction of engineering. It has strong market competitive advantage no matter in function practicality, quality and reliability.

Thorough Product Line:

On the foundation of green laser for horizon, we extend to 4V(perpendicular)4H1D, 3V4 H1D, 2V4H1D, 1V4H1D etc. of laser mark, revolve laser level, theodolite, laser  laser range finder…etc. optical measurement instrument,

the items are complete and integrity. With strong technique support and maintenance service, we can satisfy customer’s need indifferent layer.

One-year limited warranty:

100% Taiwanese production manufacturing quality contains assurance, all the warranty, proofreading, maintenance are available, not letting your instrument finds no place to maintain and proofread just like an orphan. 

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